What Is The Highest Credit Score You Can Have

fico-score-distribution-highest credit score possible

The highest credit score is 850, but it is only a standard, no one can achieve this score, there’s always some risk from things beyond your control.

According to the record, one person with the highest credit score is Tom Pavelka in Westlake. His credit score reached an astonishing 848. How did he do it?

man with highest credit score
Pavelka, 60, work for Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation in Cleveland

1 .pay bills promptly

2 .never buy what you don’t know when you can repay it

3 .never buy useless things

Usually, people score in 550-639, and these people can easily improve their credit by paying attention to these matters.

1 . recent credit applications

2 .do not use a high percentage of the credit card

3 .keep your fluctuations factors like overall credit utilization under 50%

Once you have reached 720 or higher, you will be considered a reliable borrower and your new credit card or loan may be approved easily while being offered the lowest rates.

At the end, the quest for the highest 850 credit score is not necessary, because even if the 850, it can not help us get the American Express Centurion Card (Amex Black Card).Ha…ha…..

How To Build An Excellent Credit Score

What Is The Highest Credit Score You Can Have

What Is Credit Score Range

FICO-Score-Distribution credit score range us

Because the credit score is not the same every day like weight, so banks need a range to determine the borrower’s credit status.


FICO and VantageScores are the two main models, these two methods range from 300 to 850 (VantageScores has three version: version1.0&2.0:501-990; version3.0:300-850). The scope of each bank will be little different, but in most cases, range falls the following alone lines:

  • Bad credit: below 600

  • Poor credit:600 – 649

  • Average credit:650 – 699

  • Good credit:700 – 749

  • Excellent credit:750 and up

What are the benefits of a high credit score? You probably are approved a new credit card or loan quickly while being offered the lowest interest rate! The credit score is one of the decisive factors when we borrow money. So a good credit score is important for everyone, we should keep it good. Another question, how keep our credit score good?

Generally, credit institutions assess credit scores based on five factors. If we keep them good, our score will be higher:

  • Payment History:35%

  • Credit Utilization:30%

  • Length Age:15%

  • Different Type of Credit:10%

  • Number of Inquiries:10%

Tips to Improve your Credit Score

What Is Credit Score Range

Amazon Credit Card Credit Score Requirement

Amazon Credit Card Credit Score RequirementS

Amazon does not disclose all requirements for qualification like other card issuers, so the score is unknown for Amazon credit card. But if the Amazon store card, you don’t need excellent credit, people who credit is fair or even bad are approved Amazon store card usually.

Amazon may have other ways to determine a person’s credit, such as shopping records?! Most Amazon credit cards are not elite cards, you can apply them boldly.

What is the Amazon store card

Like other store cards, Amazon store card is a no annual fee card which issued by Amazon. The card benefits are: you can choose pay with promotional financing on qualified purchases and run 0% apr for purchases of a certain amount.

With that said, it tacks on the very high interest rate, the rate for this card is astonishing 25.99%!!

What bank does Amazon use?

Well, Amazon uses two banks for their popular credit cards. Amazon store card (include Prime Store Card) is issued by Synchrony Bank, and Amazon Rewards Card is issued by Chase Bank. Other cards are not recommended because of experience etc.

Amazon Credit Card Credit Score Requirement

Ultimate Guide For What Credit Cards Does Amazon Accept

What Credit Cards Does Amazon Accept

As the biggest online store that sells computers, TV, books, etc, Amazon receives various popular payment methods. Amazon accepts the following credit cards:



Discover Card

American Express Card

Diner’s Club (U.S. billing addresses only)




China UnionPay (credit card only)

Store Card issued by Amazon

Visa, MasterCard, or American Express pre-paid credit or gift cards

(Note: you can not use pre-paid credit card to sign up for Amazon Prime member, so we suggest you use credit card )

With that said, you can pay using Amazon Gift Card which you buy from store or outlet. If that gift card has not enough on it to cover the purchase, you can use the second method to complete the transaction.

Can you use a debit card to buy things from Amazon?

Yes, you can. But Amazon only accepts the certain debit card. These include debit cards with the JCB, NYCE, STAR logos and temporary debit cards in the form of Visa, MasterCard. Please ensure that your card is matching

use a debit card to buy things from Amazon-Without-a-Credit-Card

Does Amazon take American Express gift cards

Of course, as I said, American Express gift cards are accepted by Amazon, you just need to enter it like any credit card.

19 Tips To Save Money On Amazon

Ultimate Guide For What Credit Cards Does Amazon Accept

Can You Use A Debit Card Like A Credit Card?3 Things to Know

can you use a debit card as a credit card?

Yes, but your debit card should have possible funds in checking account. can you use a debit card like a credit card onlineA debit card can be used at everywhere that a credit card can be used. Simply, you could select the payment option after swiping the debit card.

However, a credit card is different from a debit card, you can shop without money in it. Because the bank gives a credit line to you, then you can purchase and repay.

There are else three differences between two payment methods:

Lost Rewards: Credit cards give at lowest 1% cash back to you usually, however, debit card is almost bare of reward

Your money will be less safe: Since when you shopping, money is removed from debit card. But if using credit card to purchase, you do not pay at once. You shall be able to find and report fraud.

Miss Credit Building: Credit reports do not include your Debit card log so Debit card is useless for improving credit score. And having a good credit will help you save much money, so we suggest you credit card as many as possible.

Is a debit card a checking or savings account?

Debit card is a checking account, but if your checking and savings accounts are opened by same bank, you might shall be able to visit savings at ATMS.

Can you use a debit card to buy online?

Yes, you can. Actually, you can use a debit card to pay the purchases online in most cases.

can you use a debit card to buy things online

What Happens If You Swipe Your Debit Card as Credit?

Can You Use A Debit Card Like A Credit Card?3 Things to Know

3 Tricks That How To Get Cash From Credit Card

how to get cash from credit card without fee

Sometimes, we need $500 to pay back a personal loan, but we don’t have money. We may consider getting cash advance from a credit card. However, that will be very very expensive. According to Credit.com Report, credit card issuers charge average 5% advance fee and 23%— 7% average rate.

Here are some good methods to get dollars from a credit card, these methods help us to get close to a 0 cash advance fee.

  1. Utilize Retail Stores

Most retail stores, especially general merchandise stores, refund cash to us when we return the articles (Of course the goods must fit return policy), regardless of whether we use Cash or Credit card to shop (because cooperative bank will charge for commission of fee from them on this transaction when they refund by card). So select one, and shopping by our credit card, and return goods on the same day, then we get cash.

  2. Shopping with your friend

We can call on our friends to help us if they are going to buy household appliances or something. We pay the purchase for them, then they give cash to us. Of course, we owe them one!

  3. Utilize the Balance Transfer

At worst we can transfer a balance to a good card that offers zero rate and (or) transfer fee, instead of pay out advance fees and rate, then use it.

Can you use a credit card at an ATM to get cash?

Of course, you can. But you will be charged with very high advance fee (5%) and rate (23%— 7%)

how to withdraw money from credit card

How do you take out cash from a credit card at an ATM?

When you first take out cash from the credit card at an ATM, you will need a PIN number. Please contact your credit card company to get it and set up card allow cash withdrawals.

Do cash advances on credit cards hurt your credit?

No and Yes. Your credit does not be affected directly, but since it is quite expensive (Most card issuers charge 23% — 7% rate and 5% advance fee ), so your balance on the card grow quickly. Your credit will be hurt when balance continues to grow or you can’t make payments on schedule.


3 Tricks That How To Get Cash From Credit Card

6 Easy Steps On How To Write A Chase Check

While you open a Chase checking account, you should know how to fill out chase check. The check is most commonly used, many people even do not carry cash with them. In most cases, people use the credit card or check to pay the purchase.

Chase check sample

This is a Chase check sample, you need to fill out 6 parts in this check, ensure to write the check with your correct information.

how to write a chase check example

Check writing tips – how to fill out a chase check

Checking Writing steps:

  1. Date – Our data form is month/day/year, you need write the correct data in the “1” field.(Example:10/09/2017, Oct 09,2017)

  2. Pay to the order of – Person or company who will receive your payment should be filled the “2” field.(Example: Wade R. Bonnell, Best Buy)

  3. Money Box – Write the amount which you are paying to the recipient in numbers, cents should be written. (Example:188.88,168.00)

  4. The amount in words – In this field, the same amount should be written in words. We should be careful, because if this field is wrong, then the check will be invalid. (Example: One-hundred eighty-eight and 88/100, One-hundred eighty-eight and no/100)

  5. Memo – This is a description what we are using our check for and this is optional. We won’t have to write in this field unless recipient requires us to fill this field. (Example: rent)

  6. Signature – Your signature, the name what we opened our check account. This field also is important, because if it is wrong, then this check is invalid.

6 Easy Steps On How To Write A Chase Check

The Ultimate Guide of Comenity Bank Credit Cards

Big Lots Credit Card

This card is designed for the loyal customers of Big Lots. Big Lots is a popular department store which focuses on closed out or overstocked merchandise.

It comes with an interest-free financing for a certain period. You can see the pictures below for details.But I think it’s nothing special, many credit cards offer 0% intro rate on new purchases for 12 months on the market.

So unless you’re a loyal customer of the Big Lots and used to spending in the Big Lots, you can choose other better 0% credit cards.Click here to see full terms & conditions

big lots credit card reviews


Boscov’s Credit Card

This is a store-only card. It is only accepted at Boscov’s which is a great department store. It comes with the reward program, please view the pictures below for details.

I just suggest someone purchase constantly at Boscov’s and spend over $1500 per year to consider getting it.So you can get special coupons, discounts, and 2% back in rewards.

If less than $1500, you have other better options, like Citi Double Cash Credit card which allows you to earn 2% cash back on everything and don’t charge you an annual fee.

Boscov's Credit Card Reviews


David’s Bridal® Credit Card

David’s Bridal® is the largest bridal-store chain in the United States. The David’s Bridal® Credit Card comes with 6 months no interest period on all purchases.

If you are making the plan for your wedding and you need finance the dress, this card is suitable for you. But make sure you pay off the line of credit before the promotional balance expiring.

When you receive your bill, the expiration date is stated on LARGE font. At the end, my advice is to put the card on ice after you pay off your dress.


Gander Mountain MasterCard

Gander Mountain is a famous outdoor retail store. If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast, you probably know them already. Gander Mountain MasterCard is a good choice for avid outdoorsmen.

you will see their rewards program details in the following picture. But the APR for balance transfers and cash advances is terrible: 25.74%, so remember not to use this card to withdraw cash and transfer balance.

gander mountain mastercard reviews

You can see full terms & conditions here.


Marathon Visa® Credit Card

This card is suitable for people who spend much money on gas per month, the Marathon Oil Corporation is the nation’s fifth-largest oil company, the cardholder will be offered the special rewards program.

We suggest that if you spend more than $500 on gas per month, you could consider getting this card. If less than $500, there are other better options. (Payment Information For Marathon Visa® Credit Card
marathon visa credit card reviews

(Tip: You may receive multiple Marathon Prepaid Cards in a given month)


Williams-Sonoma Visa Credit Card

Bad cards which only come with a six-month grace period for purchase over $250 made before a certain date. But maybe this credit card is the best for someone who regularly buys home furnishings and gourmet cookware, if they pay off their purchases immediately.

Cardholders will earn up to 5 points for every dollar they spend at Williams-Sonoma. Williams-Sonoma is one of the largest home furnishing retailers. Here’s their reward program:comenity bank williams sonoma visa

The Ultimate Guide of Comenity Bank Credit Cards

101 Why the Bank Approved or Denied Your Credit Card Application?

Each bank has different approval standards. However, the credit card approval is always based on the bank’s experience in managing account and the applicant’s credit history.

That’s why your credit is so important. For example, if Jack has been working for the company for 6 years, the monthly income is $3000. He owns a house and the credit report shows that his credit is good.

Then, when Jack submitted his application to Chase Bank, Chase would approve his application. Because, according to Chase Bank records on similar applicants, granting loans to such applicants is free-risk.

So you might have the experience. You applied for two similar credit cards at two different banks, one bank approved your application and the other rejected you.

Credit Card Application Form

The credit card application form is usually attractive and easy to complete. The banks understand that no one likes tedious procedures.

Federal law requires that interest rates and fees, such as annual fees later fees etc., must be clearly stated on the form. Even so, some small banks still add hidden costs that are hard to find.

So it’s wise to throw a credit card offer from a small bank into the dustbin.

The credit scoring model of a bank is different from the credit bureaus’ model. Credit score from the credit bureau is included in bank’s credit scoring model.

It is an important factor. The current work-life is also an important factor in bank’s scoring model.

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101 Why the Bank Approved or Denied Your Credit Card Application?

How does a right credit card find you when you look for the right credit card?

The Right Credit Card

In fact, before you look for the right credit card, the issuer has sought specific population through market research. Find out what you and your population need, and then develop the product.

Make an acceptable price for you. I bet that you receive credit card offers in the mail almost every day. And then check, there is no attraction, thrown into the trash. If one is attractive, submit an application.

Market research is the main way to understand people’s preferences and needs. The products should have the features which you need, such as emergency cash wire service, lower interest, etc.

It depends on you care most about. Although interest is the issuer’s main source of income (nearly 80%), this means that people pay a large amount of interest to the issuer per year.

But interestingly, annual fees are the most sensitive factor when people choose a credit card. Are you? Issuers also eliminate annual fees to attract people. In 1994, only 40% of credit cards charged for annual fees, which is now lower.

Credit card business is one of the bank’s most profitable businesses.  They spend a lot of money on promoting each year. The average cost of customer acquisition has reached $100 in 2000.

Today, credit card ads are omnipresent, sending credit card applications to your home, advertising on websites you visit regularly, and so forth. The relevance of Google advertising is high, the right credit card will find you.

Of course, after you become a cardholder, the issuer will try to retain you. The annual churn rates are usually 20 percent. The cost to acquire a new customer is expensive. To this end, issuers offer a variety of benefits, such as bonus miles, cash back, etc.. In addition, rational consumption.

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How does a right credit card find you when you look for the right credit card?

How much did the credit card business earn from you? A gold mine

Credit cards have integrated into everyone’s life in this era. Our average household credit card debt has reached $137,063, which cost us about $1,300 per annum in interest. What is the net profit, total income and expenditure of the credit card business?

First of all, you need to know what the revenue sources for credit card business are.

The sources of income consist of the following items:

  • Interest income. Normally, the interest-bearing balance is 85% of the outstanding balance. The interest is the main source of income for credit card business, which accounts for nearly 80% of total credit card revenues.

So it would be wise if you pay off the credit card balance during  the grace period.

  • Interchange fee. For example, you bought some food at the Macy’s store. Citibank working with Macy’s will pay the fee to your credit card issuing bank.

The average rate for interchange fees is 1.4% now. This income accounts for nearly 20% of the credit card business revenue.

  • Annual fee. The average annual fee is around $20. About 25% issuers now offer annual fee relief for the initial period. A credit card without an annual fee is a good choice.

In the long run, the annual fees are also an expense to you and your family. The fee accounts for nearly 5% of the credit card business.

  • Other. Issuers earned from other credit card services. It includes cash advance fee, balance transfer fee, late fee and so on.

Second, the following is the expenses of running credit card business:

  • Cost of capital. As mentioned above, 85% of the amount will not be paid off within the grace period. Credit card issuers need to finance and pay interest on it.

These funding sources include deposits and funds borrowed from other agencies. Remember how much your deposit interest rate is?

  • Loss. You may experience credit card fraud. According to the Nelson report, losses from global credit card and debit card fraud reached $21.84 billion during 2015.

These losses usually account for about 4% of the outstanding balance.

  • Service fee.

  • Transaction processing costs.

  • Marketing costs.

Here’s a picture from the Federal Reserve, which gives you an intuitive insight on the profitability of the credit card business.

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How much did the credit card business earn from you? A gold mine

The Key Role of 3 Bank Card Associations in Your Life

The 3 credit card networks refer to VISA, Master and American Express. Every day they process hundreds of millions of dollars. According to the VISA’s earning release and annual report in 2Q17, it processed transactions were 28.5 billion.

They play an indispensable role in your life. I use credit cards 40 or 50 times a month, include purchasing on the store and online.These transactions are processed by the 3 bank card associations.

Without them, I can’t imagine how my life would be. 

VISA, Master and American Express play a key role in transactions

Bank card associations build nationwide and even global networks to allow the timely exchange of information between banks and banks. Provide transaction authorizations and clearing/settlement services at any time to process your transactions.

Without the 3 credit card networks, banks can’t complete the information exchange. You won’t be able to use a credit card just like today, only in your city or state.

For example, travel to Rome. On a sunny day, you and your family travel to Rome. After paying by VISA credit card, enjoy the outdoor swimming pool of the hotel and rest, prepare to go out to enjoy the local customs.

In this simple payment, VISA authorized this hotel for the transaction.At the end of the transaction, VISA pays the euro to the hotel and charges you the dollar through your issuing bank.

If you spend $100, the card issuing bank and the merchant bank both charge $1.5. And then VISA charges the two banks.Credit cards make life easier for you, but they also motivate you to impulse buying. So look after your wallet.

Without credit card networks, merchants can’t get transaction authorization. You won’t be able to buy easily. You can only take cash with you. Without credit card networks, credit cards can’t be so popular.

You may not be able to get a revolving line of credit. You can only go to the bank in person and fill out a complicated loan application and wait a long time.

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The Key Role of 3 Bank Card Associations in Your Life

When was the first credit card issued?

The first credit card in the modern sense was issued by the Franklin National Bank in 1951. At first, it could only be used by merchants who in partnership with Franklin National Bank.

Later, banks began to focus on developing merchants who could accept credit cards. Then banks told customers that credit cards could be used in more and more merchants. It is convenient. Since credit cards are good for banks, merchants and consumers, its development is rapid.

By the third quarter of 2015, amount of credit cards had reached 320 million, according to industry research by the American Bankers Association.

The cardholders will get following benefits:

  1. Funds is safer. As people do not carry large amounts of cash, they avoid the risk of theft or loss. In addition, the difficulty of identity theft on credit cards is high. Even if it happens, cardholders’ liability on fraudulent charges is to $50.

  2. Using credit cards can avoid some problems when signing a check. Such as checks fraud, etc.

  3. Credit cards also offer mail shopping, which is online shopping for people today. People don’t have to go to the store or mail checks and orders. Just choose the items they like and pay by the credit card.

  4. People can always get credit support rather than take time to apply for loans from banks. They can also get a grace period (about a month).

When was the first credit card issued?

Why Is The Credit Card A Devil?

Americans rely heavily on credit cards, but credit cards are the devil that consumes them, and its interest rates are staggering. The average interest rate is 20%, twice as much as China’s private lending.

The American economic system seems to be crushing people, forcing them to move forward, and next month without income, your life will be very difficult.

Banks and credit card issuers grab huge profits from them.

Why Is The Credit Card A Devil?

Department store credit cards for bad credit

Note: To increase the success rate, you can visit the store online and add about $100 items to the shopping cart, and then checkout. In the process, you may receive a credit card offer, accept it and apply.

If the offer comes up, your success rate will be greatly improved.

Does Applying For Credit Cards Affect Credit Score?

No, credit will not be affected even if issuer rejects the credit card mentioned above application. Because the issuer’s pre-approval process will not push your full credit report.

Currently, issuers check credit score by two types of credit checks: soft credit checks and hard credit checks.

In the pre-approval process, credit card issuers ask a list of consumers that meet certain criteria from the credit agency, such as individuals with specific credit scores. These people may be fit for a certain credit card.

Can I Keep My Credit Cards If (After) I File Bankruptcy?

Yes, you can. Some companies will allow you to keep your cards after bankruptcy. But it also needs your bankruptcy trustee’s consent.

When you file for bankruptcy, you need to declare your financial status to the trustee, including all your credit cards.

They may not allow you to keep those cards. So a helpful and friendly trustee is like an angel that God sent to help you.

Will My Credit Score Increase After Bankruptcy Discharge

Yes, your credit score will go up after Chapter 7 discharge. Bankruptcy is one of the factors that credit reporting agencies calculate credit scores. After bankruptcy discharge, its impact will lessen over time.

Of course, in order to have a good credit score, you need to do the right thing right now. In the following post, you will see the suggestions.

How Can I Clear My Credit Record

In life, you may accidentally leave a negative item on the credit report, like a late payment. Credit is important, and then you want to know “how to clear my credit history”

You have two choices: buy a service from a credit repair company if you wouldn’t like to spend your time or clear the negative items yourself.

Here, you will know how to do when you decide to do it yourself.

You need to send a letter to the credit bureau and state that the negative details is wrong, it is not your account or you have not paid late. The point is that you need to keep doing it every three months or so.

Under federal law, the credit bureau must investigate and verify the items within 30 days.  (as the investigate period is 30 days, so you may see some credit fix companies claim “fix your credit within 30 days”).

The credit bureau is busy and may not complete the investigation within the time limit. But it is mainly because of creditors.

They didn’t verify your information within that time frame or the staff didn’t respond to re-verification because it was extra work.

Many creditors may give up punishing you after you have corrected your mistake, so they don’t respond to re-verification. Some creditors keep only customer information for about two years to save money, so removing old blotches is easier than new ones.

It takes patience and time.

How To Raise My(Your) Credit Score In 30 Days

The five factors that determine your credit score are: credit utilization (30%), payment history (35%), types of credit in use (10%), length of credit history (15%), and new credit (10%).

So how to improve your credit?

  1. Use the above-mentioned method to clear your credit report. It’s easier to remove old items, and you should prioritize them, which will help you improve your credit in the short term.

  2. Pay off debts. You should pay off the debt as much as you can. This method will significantly improve your credit score within 30 days.

  3. Pay in time. A good payment history shows a healthy financial situation. If you need to rebuild the credit but don’t have a credit card, try applying for a store credit card.

  4. Type of credit. Revolving debts (e.g., credit cards) and installment debts (e.g., car loans, mortgages) are helpful and convenient for our lives. To get a better credit score, you should have a good mix of them.

  5. Don’t close revolving account like your credit cards. The longer the credit history, the higher your credit score will be. If you no longer need some credit cards, cut up them after paying off your bills.

  6. Limit the number of credit applications. Frequently opening new credit account reflect you may be in financial trouble and the credit bureau will lower your score.

If you don’t know how to do, follow Chase’s 5/24 Rule,    which is to open five new accounts within 24 months.

Credit Card Help Non Profit

If you’re facing credit card debt problem, bankruptcy, or other financial difficulties, a credit counseling agency can help you and offer professional advice.

There are a lot of credit counseling agencies, but many of them are bad, so you need to use search engines to research. Here are some useful standards you will need.

Credit counseling agencies are broken down into 2 categories: for-profit and non-profit. Nonprofit credit consulting agencies tend to be most trustworthy, although they also charge for their services.

A good credit counselor will send you free service information, and you don’t need to provide any information. You don’t have to worry about that the personal information will be used illegally.

The U.S. Department of Justice provides a list of legal credit counseling agencies, but it is still necessary to review the costs and service details.

Finally, it is important to note that someone who’s unethical work both in the for-profit and non-profit organizations to gain more benefits.

Will Disputing Items On Credit Report Raise My Score

Yes, disputing items will increase your score. When you dispute an item, this negative item will be excluded from the credit rating model.

Using this method, you can temporarily improve your credit score and apply for a credit card.

Best Reason To Dispute Credit Report

Which reason is best to have negative items removed from your credit report? Overall, there are two types of reasons that you can use to dispute the credit: “not late” or “not mine”.

In fact, as long as you clearly indicate that the negative details you are submitting as “not mine” or “not late”, the credit bureau will accept your statement.

However, to get negative information removed, there is only one reason that is not enough, and you need a good process.

(Since a positive listing is better than no listing, when you dispute a “late payment”, you should use “no late”. “Not mine” should be used for all other items.)

  1. Tell the credit bureau exactly what you expect from the investigation. Delete all negative information or remove late payments.

  2. The dispute must sound credible. The credit bureau will reject ‘frivolous or irrelevant’ disputes. For a real consumer, there are always sentences like this in his letters “my sister works in a bank, and she tells me that these items are incorrect and can be cleaned up.”

  3. Don’t write as an expert as to that. Ture consumers will not quote the law like a professional in the dispute letter. Once credit bureau suspect that you are using credit repair services to restore credit, they will refuse to investigate your request.

They are interested in helping consumers only when they make mistakes and list the negative details on credit reports. They are afraid of being sued.

  1. Send a dispute every three months or so. If you dispute more frequent, the credit bureau will toss the letter into the “frivolous or irrelevant ” box.

Department store credit cards for bad credit

Bad Credit Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit


See application, fees, terms and details.

Can I Get a Credit Card after Bankruptcy?

Yes, you can get a credit card after filing bankruptcy. However, it is difficult. The Chapter 13 filers are less likely to get a credit card than the debtors who filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Because their debt is usually more before they file for bankruptcy. As a credit card for bad credit, the card above is also a card for people who have filed bankruptcy.

To improve the success rate, you should apply for it after 3 months.

Can I Get a Company Credit Card with Bad Credit?

Yes,you can get a corporate credit card with bad credit. Of course, it’s difficult. Here are some suggestions for getting business credit.

  1. Structure your business as an LLC.

A limited liability company will have its own reputation, and its reliability has nothing to do with the owner. The bad credit of the owner does not affect the limited liability company.

The application of the company credit card will be approved, including other business loans.

  1. Make your business alive.

The company’s address and telephone line will make your business credible, which will help you get credit easier.

* Alternate method: you can use trade credit if you just want to buy goods instead of holding cash.

How to Remove My Name from Credit Bureau

To remove your name from credit bureau,you can refer to this post that has been published. In short, if you’re dealing with the credit bureau for the first time, it’s not a bad idea to use a credit repair service.

The only thing you need to know – Credit bureau is afraid of being sued by people who have inaccurate credit reports as their errors, such as they erroneously list a “late payment” on your report and actually it belongs to someone else who has the same name.

They are only interested in helping the victim of their mistakes. If you’re not, then you need to sound like a victim.

Can Credit Repair Companies Help

Yes, they can help. The argument is that thing what credit fix companies can do, you can do for yourself. Of course, they are more professional and skilled. On the other hand, credit companies are more and more now, it has become a problem that how to tell them.

Bad credit companies charge you fees but don’t do anything to help raise your credit scores. The simplest way is to say goodbye to a credit repair company if it asks for an upfront fee.

How Much Will Piggybacking Raise My Score

That’s a pity, this method is invalid. Credit agencies have updated their scoring model in 2008, and the model can identify whether consumers have been added to the credit cards with positive payment histories for the purpose of improving their credit.

Before that, someone had used this method to raise his credit score from 550 to 740 in 40 days.

How Long After Bankruptcy Can You Get a Credit Card?

For bad credit, secured cards and prepaid cards are options for you. But if you want to rebuild your credit, you should choose a secured card. The issuer reports the secured card activity to the credit bureaus. On the other hand, the prepaid card will not be reported.

You can try to apply secured card three months after filing for bankruptcy. When you have an ability to repay debt and are ready to start a new life, the lender will be willing to send you a secure credit card.

Can You File Bankruptcy on Credit Cards

No, you can’t file bankruptcy on just credit cards. But you can eliminate credit card debt by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Because in most cases, credit card companies can’t get anything from Chapter 7 filers.

In 2005, federal law changed, and filers must meet two conditions. First, your income should not be sufficient to cover 25% of “non-priority non-security debt”, after exempting certain expenses (e.g. food, apparel, etc.). Second, your income should be below the state’s median you live.

If you don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, then you can only file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is bad. You will be given a 5-year repayment plan, and you will be required to participate in credit counseling…

At last, remember to consult your lawyer after you decide to file for bankruptcy.

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