6 Easy Steps On How To Write A Chase Check

While you open a Chase checking account, you should know how to fill out chase check. The check is most commonly used, many people even do not carry cash with them. In most cases, people use the credit card or check to pay the purchase.

Chase check sample

This is a Chase check sample, you need to fill out 6 parts in this check, ensure to write the check with your correct information.

how to write a chase check example

Check writing tips – how to fill out a chase check

Checking Writing steps:

  1. Date – Our data form is month/day/year, you need write the correct data in the “1” field.(Example:10/09/2017, Oct 09,2017)

  2. Pay to the order of – Person or company who will receive your payment should be filled the “2” field.(Example: Wade R. Bonnell, Best Buy)

  3. Money Box – Write the amount which you are paying to the recipient in numbers, cents should be written. (Example:188.88,168.00)

  4. The amount in words – In this field, the same amount should be written in words. We should be careful, because if this field is wrong, then the check will be invalid. (Example: One-hundred eighty-eight and 88/100, One-hundred eighty-eight and no/100)

  5. Memo – This is a description what we are using our check for and this is optional. We won’t have to write in this field unless recipient requires us to fill this field. (Example: rent)

  6. Signature – Your signature, the name what we opened our check account. This field also is important, because if it is wrong, then this check is invalid.

6 Easy Steps On How To Write A Chase Check