Amazon Credit Card Credit Score Requirement

Amazon Credit Card Credit Score RequirementS

Amazon does not disclose all requirements for qualification like other card issuers, so the score is unknown for Amazon credit card. But if the Amazon store card, you don’t need excellent credit, people who credit is fair or even bad are approved Amazon store card usually.

Amazon may have other ways to determine a person’s credit, such as shopping records?! Most Amazon credit cards are not elite cards, you can apply them boldly.

What is the Amazon store card

Like other store cards, Amazon store card is a no annual fee card which issued by Amazon. The card benefits are: you can choose pay with promotional financing on qualified purchases and run 0% apr for purchases of a certain amount.

With that said, it tacks on the very high interest rate, the rate for this card is astonishing 25.99%!!

What bank does Amazon use?

Well, Amazon uses two banks for their popular credit cards. Amazon store card (include Prime Store Card) is issued by Synchrony Bank, and Amazon Rewards Card is issued by Chase Bank. Other cards are not recommended because of experience etc.

Amazon Credit Card Credit Score Requirement