What Is Credit Score Range

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Because the credit score is not the same every day like weight, so banks need a range to determine the borrower’s credit status.


FICO and VantageScores are the two main models, these two methods range from 300 to 850 (VantageScores has three version: version1.0&2.0:501-990; version3.0:300-850). The scope of each bank will be little different, but in most cases, range falls the following alone lines:

  • Bad credit: below 600

  • Poor credit:600 – 649

  • Average credit:650 – 699

  • Good credit:700 – 749

  • Excellent credit:750 and up

What are the benefits of a high credit score? You probably are approved a new credit card or loan quickly while being offered the lowest interest rate! The credit score is one of the decisive factors when we borrow money. So a good credit score is important for everyone, we should keep it good. Another question, how keep our credit score good?

Generally, credit institutions assess credit scores based on five factors. If we keep them good, our score will be higher:

  • Payment History:35%

  • Credit Utilization:30%

  • Length Age:15%

  • Different Type of Credit:10%

  • Number of Inquiries:10%

Tips to Improve your Credit Score

What Is Credit Score Range