What Is The Highest Credit Score You Can Have

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The highest credit score is 850, but it is only a standard, no one can achieve this score, there’s always some risk from things beyond your control.

According to the record, one person with the highest credit score is Tom Pavelka in Westlake. His credit score reached an astonishing 848. How did he do it?

man with highest credit score
Pavelka, 60, work for Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation in Cleveland

1 .pay bills promptly

2 .never buy what you don’t know when you can repay it

3 .never buy useless things

Usually, people score in 550-639, and these people can easily improve their credit by paying attention to these matters.

1 . recent credit applications

2 .do not use a high percentage of the credit card

3 .keep your fluctuations factors like overall credit utilization under 50%

Once you have reached 720 or higher, you will be considered a reliable borrower and your new credit card or loan may be approved easily while being offered the lowest rates.

At the end, the quest for the highest 850 credit score is not necessary, because even if the 850, it can not help us get the American Express Centurion Card (Amex Black Card).Ha…ha…..

How To Build An Excellent Credit Score

What Is The Highest Credit Score You Can Have