Blaze Credit Card Login, Bill Payment, Customer Service




Blaze MasterCard® Credit Card was issued by the First National Bank. Blaze Visa Credit Card was offered by First Savings Bank.

Although the two banks are sister banks, they have different payment systems. So when you pay the bills, you should distinguish which card you are holding. Here is a list of methods to pay for these two credit card bills.

Tip: Just personal opinion, you deserve better. The two banks are small banks, their services are very poor and collect various unreasonable fees. I suggest paying off the card as soon as possible and then canceling it.

If you hold the Blaze MasterCard® 

1. Pay Bill Online at

Head to, log into your account and make bill payment.

2. Send Your Payment To First National Bank Payment Address

You can also send your payment to their payment address, and the mailing address is

Blaze MasterCard

PO Box 2534

Omaha, NE 68103-2534

3. Pay Bill By Calling Their Mastercard Phone Number

If you have a problem while using your card, you can call the customer service to get help. The phone number is 866-205-8311.

If you hold the Blaze VISA 

1. Pay Bill Online at

Access your VISA Card account here and pay your bill.

2. Send Your Payment To First Savings Bank Payment Address

If you want to pay the bill by mail, send them your funds. The payment address is

Blaze Visa Credit Card

PO Box 2496

Omaha, NE 68103-2496

3. Pay Bill By Calling Their Customer Service

If you get in trouble while paying your bill, the customer service phone number to call is 866-205-6600.