Macy’s Credit Card Login, Bill Payment, Customer Service






Macy's is a popular department store specializing in clothing, there are two versions of credit card in Macy'sMacy’s Card and the Macy’s American Express. If you are the two cards holder and want to pay online, or by mail, or by phone, or in stores, all the information is below.



1.  Pay Online.

(Tip: If you don't have a Macy's online account, you need to create one, go here to sign up, and then enter your personal information, it is very easy.)

If you choose to make Macy's Card bill payment online, click here to visit the login page, enter your user ID and password, and then pay.




2.  Make your Macy’s Card payment by mail

If you wish to pay bill by mail, you can send your money order or cheque to Macy's credit card processing center. The mailing address is:


Macy's Payments

PO Box 183083

Columbus, OH 43218-3083


For Macy’s American Express, the mailing address is different

Macy's American Express Account Payments

PO Box 183084

Columbus, OH 43218-3084



3.  Pay Bill By Phone

If you wish to pay by phone or need assistance on other issues, you can reach Macy's Credit Card customer service by dialing the following numbers:

(888) 431-6229

 (Tip: prepare your Macy’s Card, bank account and routing number)



4.  Pay Bill In Stores

Is there a branch of Macy's store around your home? That's good, you can pay Macy’s Card or   Macy’s American Express bill there. If you are not sure the Macy’s location near you, you can use Macy’s online store locator, and input your city or zip number, then click the “SEACH” button.