Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card Review, Login, Bill Payment

Credit Needed: Bad Credit

Purchase APR: 16.15% - 24.65%

Cash Advance Rate: 18.65% - 25.65%

Annual Fee: $0 - $99

Balance Transfers: Not applicable

For people with bad credit, Credit One Platinum Visa Credit Card is probably a good choice, as long as you use it carefully. It's difficult to review this card, the biggest problem is the vague grace period. The grace period is usually 21 to 25 days, if you pay your bill during that time, you will not be charged interest.

According to the official statement, Credit One Bank will determine whether you are qualified for a grace period based on your creditworthiness. So, if you are going to apply or have applied for this card, please make sure you know your grace period after you receive actual Disclosures and Terms & Conditions of the offer.

Credit One Platinum Visa Card do have some benefits, and pre-qualification is available which means you can see if you Pre-Qualify without affecting your credit score. (Tip: frequent credit inquiries will hurt your credit score). You will get free online access to your credit score, also, Credit One Bank will provide customizable account alerts via email and text to you.


You will receive 1% cash back based on creditworthiness, and you can qualify for one of the following two cash-back rewards programs:

l  Platinum Visa card members receive 1% cash back on eligible gas and groceries plus mobile phone, internet, cable, and satellite TV services.

l  Qualified Platinum Visa card members receive 1% cash back on all purchases.

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1% cash back is unattractive, this card was designed for repairing credit. After receiving the actual terms, please read the print carefully to know the reward program you have been approved.


Rates and Fees   

Credit One Bank issued three types of cards, the rates and fees for these cards are very similar. You can see the reviews for other Credit One credit cards right here. As a card is offered to people with bad credit, Platinum Visa Credit Card is a little bit expensive. This card charges fees to make a profit and offset risk that offer credit cards to riskier borrowers.

APR: The annual percentage rates were16.15% to 24.65% for purchase and 18.65% to 25.65% for cash advances. The annual percentage rate you will get depends on your credit history. If you have a higher credit score, the interest you will pay will be on the high side.

The transaction fee is 8% or 3%, okay, that makes me dizzy. Let's make it simple. Just avoid cash advances.

Annual fee: Your annual fee will be $0 to $75 for the first year, after that, it will be $0 to $99. Some cardholders with better creditworthiness will be able to pay an annual fee in monthly installments after the first year.

In addition, if you add an authorized user to your account, Credit One Bank will also charge you $19 per year.

Late payments and returned paymentsThese will also result in fees, please read the print carefully to find out what they are, after you receive the actual Disclosures and Terms & Conditions of the offer.

Credit limit increases: Credit One Bank charged $0 to $49 for this before. But this fee is not mentioned in the latest terms. In addition, “Future credit line increases may be granted based on your overall credit performance.”

Balance transfers: No balance transfers allowed

Duplicate monthly statement fee: $10

Sales receipt request: $6

Replacement card: $25

The bottom line

Obviously, Credit One Platinum Visa Credit Card is a risky credit card with high fees. If you have bad credit and have no other choices, you can apply it. But Platinum Visa Credit Card should only be used to improve your credit so that you can qualify for other better credit cards. Once your credit is high enough and approved for a better credit card, close it.


If you decide to use this card to rebuild your credit, you can click here.

Payment and customer service information  

Credit One Bank is not a big bank, their efficiency is low, if you want to pay your bill, please do this as early as possible. Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit and Cash Back Rewards Visa are both issued by Credit One Bank, and their payment methods are the same. You can find the payment methods right here .

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