Credit One Cash Back Rewards Visa Credit Card Review, Login, Bill Payment


Credit Needed: Bad Credit

Purchase APR: 16.15% - 24.65%

Cash Advance Rate: 18.65% - 25.65%

Annual Fee: $0 - $99

Balance Transfers: Not applicable

Cash Back Rewards Visa is designed for people who need rebuild credit. In our research, many people said "this card did help with the credit score. As long as you pay on time, you will see a significant advantage. As a Cash Back Rewards Visa cardholder, you can access to your credit score online free.

Also based on creditworthiness, you may get a grace period, not all applicants can get a grace period on interest. (Tip: grace period is usually 21 days to 25 days, and you are not charged interest rate during this period.)


Just like "playing with fire", Cash Back Rewards Visa is very useful, but if you are not careful, it possibly ruin your life. It comes with random charges continuously, and I will set out them in detail in the Rates And Fees section.



Cash Back Rewards Visa credit card provide a small cash back. According to your creditworthiness, you may qualify for one of three cash-back rewards programs, below are three possibilities:

l  1% cash back on gas, groceries, mobile phone service, internet service and cable and satellite TV service

l  1.1% cash back on dining purchases and 1% back on all other purchases

l  1% cash back on all eligible purchases


Credit One Bank will send you detailed rewards program you qualify for. Take the time to read the print carefully to know how to earn rewards. Rewards are automatically posted to your account each month, so at least this part is simple and straightforward.


Rates and Fees   


Since Credit One Cash Back Rewards Visa are designed for people with bad credit, some of the fees on this card seem unfair. I was really surprised by the additional authorized user fees ($19 annually), expedited payment fee ($9.95). (The following fees will vary based on your creditworthiness)

Interest rates. Rates are OK, they are 16.15% - 24.65% for purchases and 18.65% - 25.65% for cash advances. If your credit is fair or higher, your interest rate will be on the low side. (Note: Make sure you have known whether you get a grace period.)

Annual fee. This fee the first year will be $0 to $75, after that, it will be $0 to $99. After the first year, Credit One Bank may charge your annual fee in monthly installments.

Foreign transaction fee. The fee is 3% which is fair like other banks.

Design fees: This card allows you to choose one from 23 card designs, but I advice you just say no to it, this serve will charge you fee.

Late payment fee. This fee is up to $37. The efficiency of Credit One Bank is very low, according to the customer's response in the research, if you want pay your bill through mail, you have to make your payment 10 days early.

Returned payment fee: up to $35

Credit limit increase fee: $0 to $49

Duplicate monthly statement fee: $10

Sales receipt request: $6

Replacement card: $25

Balance transfer fee: No balance transfers allowed


The bottom line

The Cash Back Rewards Visa Credit Card did improve credit score, as promised, while it allows you to access to your credit score online at any time. After your credit score is high enough to get better credit cards, I suggest you cancel it, it is too much hassle.


Payment and customer service information

It's important to pay your bills on time, especially when you repair your credit. Unlike most banks, Credit One Bank charges for some payment methods. If you pay with a credit card, you will be charged $9.95. If you pay with bank account or e-check, Credit One Bank will charge you $5.95. Are these included in the Express Payment? Who knows?

Below are 3 payment methods.

Pay online. Click here to access your Credit One Bank account online and make your payment.

Pay by mail. If you want to make your Cash Back Rewards Visa Card, ensure you send your funds 10 days early, their efficiency is so slow. The payment address is:

Credit One Bank,

Payment Services,

P.O. Box 60500,

City of Industry, CA 91716-0500

Pay by phone. You can also pay your bill by phone, and the phone number is 1-888-729-6274. (Tip: The Credit One Bank would take payments over the phone with charging $10)


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