Amazon Chase Credit Card Login|Pay Online


Chase Amazon Credit Card is a very good store card.Card holders can get  preferential treatment (include signup bonus, cash back rewards etc.)Holders also can use the excellent online system to do many things,like manage  accounts Online, pay the purchase. In this guide, we will tell you how to do these.


How to Login

Let us first go to the sign in page,

Step 1: After you open the login page,fill your User and Password in the applicable fields and click the 'Sign in' button (Note:If you need ,you can check the "Remenber Me" box,this is very convenient.But don't do this ,when you login in your account on public computer


Forgot Login Information

Don't worry,if you forgot your login information,here is an easy step-by-step guide to retrieve it.


Step 1: Click the "Forgot username or password?" link,you will be leaded to "Identification" page.



Step 2 : Fill the requided information,then press the "NEXT" button.



Step 3 : Once fill the information,Chase will retrieve your "User ID" and give you an "Identification Code",then you can reset your password.




l  Offical Registration

l  Customer Service Line:1-888-247-4080

After receiving your Amazon Chase Card,you need to creat a online account for it.It's very easy,you need to prepare your new card and Social Security Number.

There are two method to do this:call the Chase service number 1-888-247-4080 and Click the "Offical Registration" link


Step 1:On the activation page,fill your Amazon Chase Credit Card number and Social Security Number,choose a User ID,then click the "NEXT" button.


Step 2:Once you enter all information,Chase will give you an identification number,then you could set your password.After this ,you need review the Legal agreements and services with care.Once processed,you have created your online account successfully