Toys R Us Credit Card Online Login


Toys R Us Credit Card now offers online services which often allow their customers to ideally manage the activities of their credit cards from anywhere as long as they have web connection. Registering an online account with the c- +redit card company takes just a few minutes and for those who have a Smartphone, you can down load an app on playstore or itunes and login. Here is a guide to help you login, reset your password and enroll.


How to login

In this stage, you will need your user ID and password to access your online account. Just like facebook and other online accounts, it is very easy to login in to your online account. Listed below are the steps you will need to follow:

Step 1 -Open throughout your web browser


Step 2 -Click “manage account”


Step 3 -Enter your user ID and click “signin”


Step 4 -Enter your password

How to reset your password

The password resetting process is pretty simple and straight forward. This is also one of the simplest stages of having an online account with the credit card company. You will need to comply with these steps to reset to zero your password:

Step 1 -Enter your user USERNAME on the homepage to access the password page

Step 2 -Click “look up my user USERNAME and reset my password”


Step 3 -Enter your account number and click “next”


How to enroll

One of the strengths of Toys RUs Credit Card is that you can register in only a few simple steps. In addition to in which, the process can take under five minutes. You can also utilize the web browser on your phone. Here are the actions to follow:

Step 1 -On the homepage, click on “apply now”


Step 2 -If you are already a rewards R Us member, click on “yes, ” is not, click on “No, please enroll me in rewards”


Step 3 -Here, we will state “yes”

Step 4 -Enter your rewards member number


You will want to complete a several more steps

Manage your Toys R Us Credit Card account online

Allow me to share the advantages of obtaining an online account with the credit card company:

  • Verify your account activity
  • Make payments
  • Update your account information
  • Fixed up transaction alerts
  • View statements